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Low pressure casting

Low pressure casting systems rely upon pressurization to feed the molten aluminum into the mold. Molten aluminum rapidly fills the mold resulting 30% higher aluminum density than that of gravity casting.


Flow forming technology

This technology is more advanced than low pressure and gravity casting. Similar to forging but easier to produce. The casted wheel is heated than stretched and compressed till solidified. Microstructure of aluminum is more refined and fibrous.


Big size wheel

For MPV, SUV and Pickup Trucks (22”-24”alloy wheels).


Deep undercut

The backward movement of the air nozzle seat leaving a chunk of space between the rib to match different colors or stickers. The new innovative construction method is very different from the traditional single piece cast rim.

All-round alloy wheel manufacturer

Cherubim Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2019 and invested into Hong Chi Industries in the same year.

Since 2003, Hong Chi has devoted to manufacturing of automotive aluminum alloy wheels. In 2009, we developed the big-size wheel market in America and Europe, and gradually become a competitive domestic wheel manufacturer.

With the persistent efforts of management team and every employee, the company has grown into global professional aluminum manufacturer with a full range of service such as ODM/OES and aftermarket services.


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